History of Monroe Harding

Monroe Harding was founded as a Presbyterian Orphanage in 1893 by Mrs. Fannie Harding, in memory of her husband, Dr. James Monroe Harding. The gift consisted of their home and five acres of land located on 18th Avenue North in Nashville.

The purpose of Monroe Harding was to provide a home for children who did not have parents— or whose parents were unable to provide for them. Since our founding, Monroe Harding has helped over 16,000 children.

Throughout the forties, fifties, and sixties, boys and girls called Monroe Harding “Home”.

In the seventies and beyond, the societal needs of children and youth changed. And Monroe Harding’s programs changed to meet those needs.  Today, we are meeting our mission of providing Homes, Healing and Opportunities through programs serving young people who are currently in, or transition from, the foster care system:  Foster Care, Residential Programs, Education & Workforce Development and Therapy & Healing. 

Today, just as in Fannie Harding’s day, Monroe Harding strives to give every child and young adult the chance for a better life.



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You play a major role in creating opportunities for young people, especially those in state custody or in foster care, and allowing them to become self-sufficient, successful contributors to society. Your donations of time, money and other resources keep our doors open and our programs running. And by doing that, we’re able to continue changing lives.

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