Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing

We’ve got a “family-sized” announcement about our Independent Living program – we’re expanding!

“To me, Monroe Harding’s Independent Living program means home and family.  It’s a place where I feel secure and a place where I know I’m supported. I’m responsible for making my own decisions and I’ve gotten the help I need to make good ones.”

For a young adult like Michaela, knowing she has a home where she is supported and encouraged means freedom; a freedom to create her own path towards self-sufficiency.

Monroe Harding is expanding the reach of the Independent Living program to include any youth and young adults (YYA) ages 18-24, who have experienced trauma as victims of crime (such as child abuse or sexual assault) and might otherwise be homeless.  The program supports YYA transitioning into adulthood through direct services that create a pathway to long-term stability.

If you are a provider or a young person who is interested in applying, complete this form.

The comprehensive range of trauma-informed services include:


Fully furnished private studio apartment with a shared living model.


Mentoring & therapeutic supports, restoring a measure of security & safety.


Life skills cultivation
Workforce development
Educational supports

Independent Living

As youth age out of foster care at 18, they still need support toward adulthood.  Our Independent Living Program provides an inexpensive but safe place for youth aging out of foster care to live as they transition into adulthood. These apartments in the community provide youth just enough support that they can work, go to school, and continue to work on life skills with the guidance of skilled and caring professionals.

Through continued education, vocational training, life skills lessons and the support and guidance of caring adults, they can make a smooth and successful transition into life on their own.

If you are a provider and would like to make a referral, please complete the Referral Packet 

If you think you might be interested in our Independent Living Program, visit our Contact Us page.

Support for our Independent Living program provided by: Publix Super Markets Charities


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You play a major role in creating opportunities for young people, especially those in state custody or in foster care, and allowing them to become self-sufficient, successful contributors to society. Your donations of time, money and other resources keep our doors open and our programs running. And by doing that, we’re able to continue changing lives.

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