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We do what a family would do for children & youth in foster care.



Since 1893, Monroe Harding has continually adapted to meet the needs of children who are in, or transitioning out of state custody, caring for more than 16,000 children who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected. Today, we are a healing community for youth and families as they move beyond trauma to experience hope. We are meeting this mission through four key programs serving young people who are currently in or are transitioning from the foster care system: Foster CareResidential ProgramsEducation & Workforce Development, and Therapy & Healing.

Remember who taught you how to drive? Helped you with homework? Who read to you, laughed with you, encouraged you to reach your goals was even there to bandage skinned knees? Every child needs a caring adult in their life. The power of that one strong adult relationship is a key ingredient in resilience and changes that child’s life forever.

Monroe Harding offers several ways for individuals, families and communities to become involved as foster parents, volunteers or mentors of children and youth who need an adult role model.

If you’re interested in following the journey of a Monroe Harding foster parent, please follow Cheyanne Shatto’s blog here.

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In Their Own Words


If it wasn’t for Monroe Harding, I would have been on the streets having no mind of my own.


Every child needs a faithful fan, especially in a losing season.


What you give is important! What you get in return is satisfaction for a lifetime!


Monroe Harding acted like a parent to me. They taught me how to be socially & morally responsible.

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Our Stories


Two little boys, age 5 and 6, have moved over 10 times in their young lives… Feeling unwanted and unsure of where they would go next, they moved to their new home. After noticing the “wall of love” in the house, one of their first questions was, “When will we get our names on the wall?”

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Three-year-old Abigail recently moved into the home of one our foster families. Our wonderful foster parents, Jason and Liz, knew that Abigail was confused, shy and unsure, but were heartened to see how much she enjoyed being with their little girls, all around Abigail’s age.

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The Gordons

We celebrate the Gordon family, who became richer in love three times over today. Natalie, Deacon and David (in the front row of the picture by their sister Sadie) were adopted today. The joy in their hearts was evident and it was wonderful to watch the brothers and sisters play together, laugh together and support each other.

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The McKnights

Marla and George McKnight welcomed a brother and a sister into their hearts three years ago and today the judge made it official. Kaydee, is 3 years old, beautiful and full of spunk. Her older brother asked if he could change his first name, so we’re proud to congratulate eight-year-old A.J. on his very special day.

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