Monroe Harding provides a continuum of services for children and youth in state’s custody. Our four integrated services include:

While each service offers unique features for the population they serve, all include education, vocational skills, relationship building, spiritual formation, health & wellness, and – most importantly – the guidance and support of a caring adult. We have a team of dedicated professionals whose aim is to give the children and youth we serve the chance for a better life.


Monroe Harding

2 months 4 days ago

Our, favorite girl group is at it again! They had a bake sale that raised over $500 and used the money to purchase summer fun items for foster youth in order to foster great summer memories!!

You can still join the fun! We have extended the summer "fun"raiser to the end of June!! We are still collecting items such as beach towels, water toys, swimwear, and flip flops.

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