Foster Parenting is rich and rewarding and many families seek to foster children in hopes of adopting someday. Every so often we are blessed to come across one of these magical matches when a child fits into a family with perfect harmony. For AJ and the Pruitts this was one of those special moments. The Pruitts welcomed AJ into their home and immediately surrounded him with the love, intentionality, gentle boundaries, and the grit needed to show AJ a deep love that began to unwind the hurts he experienced earlier in his life.

With this new chapter beginning for AJ in the Pruitt home, AJ was able to walk towards his future and leave behind the painful wounds and fearful behaviors he used to survive his past. This was a beautiful transformation to witness as AJ took advantage of this opportunity and stepped into healing and hope. Adoption is a grieving process that is bittersweet as every heart involved must hold space for the joy, nervousness, anticipation, loss, and hope. For AJ and the Pruitts, this next chapter of their lives will surely be filled with beautiful family memories as they continue to grow and bond as a new, forever family.