Reunification is such a beautiful and often bittersweet experience for our foster families. The Winstead family fostered two kiddos for over a year. When they were approved to return to their parents, the Windsteads loaded the kids up and said they were going for a drive. When arriving at their house, the children received the biggest surprise when their mom told them they would STAY!

From day one, the Winsteads knew their parents were motivated and ready to do the work, and they couldn’t be happier for them. Over the past year, they saw so much perseverance and growth from them. Their consistent involvement with the kids was a great way to remain present. Their son played t-ball last spring, so the foster parents made sure they were in the loop with game details. It was awesome to see the look on their son’s face when they were in the stands cheering him on.

Keeping the line of communication open with their parents was key to building a successful, trusting relationship with them. We made sure they knew what was going on with the kids in their home, and they in turn, kept the foster family informed on how the kids were doing during visits with them. The Winsteads are able to remain in touch with their family since being reunited. Their mom even let the kids call and with Sarah a Happy Mother’s Day, which was really special for her the Winsteads feel so blessed to witness an outcome like this and we are all so hopeful for their future success!