These past several weeks we’ve all witnessed some very trying times in our community and throughout the nation.  Like all of you, the Monroe Harding team struggles with a myriad of emotions including outrage, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and sadness.

The horrifying death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and the far too many losses of black lives unnecessarily or unjustly, is weighing heavily upon us all.

Quite frankly, on a personal level I’ve struggled immensely these past weeks to put into words or express coherently my emotions and I can’t say with all honestly that I’m even close to be able to.

What I do know and can say with conviction is that we here at Monroe Harding stand united in our never-ending vigilance to promote equality, justice and fairness to all people.  We stand together for resilience, compassion, understanding, and love.

We will never tolerate or allow inequality and injustice to prevail or intrude in how we interact with each other, our young people, families ,and those that work in support of our critical mission.

Families come together and support one another in times of crisis and we here at Monroe Harding are a family. Our young people depend on us now more than ever and we are resolved to work side-by-side with each other and our so many wonderful partners and supporters and set an example for all on how all people should be treated and cared for, especially those that are vulnerable and oppressed.

We look forward to a better tomorrow!

David Popen
President & CEO