At age 13, Jacob experienced a traumatic brain injury which makes timed tests and reading long passages a struggle.  At 18, he dropped out of high school and was in danger of losing his housing when a case manager sent Jacob to our Youth Connections Resource Center.

Jacob enrolled in our online diploma program, and from the beginning it was the perfect fit. The blended learning curriculum consists of short, teacher-presented lessons and activities. While the reading passages are long, they can be broken down into mini lessons. Students move at their own pace building confidence along the way. For Jacob, it was the perfect solution.

In fact, we have a 100% success rate with this program. Of the 23 students who enrolled, 14 graduated and more are on track to graduate this year. Our young adults leave traditional high school for many reasons including bullying, anxiety, pregnancy, and learning disabilities.

The online diploma option is a fantastic resource to help students achieve their dreams.

Jacob completed his online diploma in June 2019. A few weeks ago, he graduated from the Machine Tool Technology Program at Tennessee Center of Applied Technology (TCAT), and he already received a job offer!