Four-year-old Lexie is always ready for new adventures.  She is seemingly bursting with energy, enthusiasm, curiosity, and imagination.  When the Predators’ Diversity Youth Hockey Program gave her the opportunity to become a hockey player, she was thrilled to say, “Yes!” Lexie had never ice skated before, let alone played ice hockey, but that did not stop her.  Lexie has gotten out there on the ice during every practice and has given her best efforts to learn to play and to be a good team player.  Lexie really likes hockey but is torn on deciding just yet what she wants to be when she grows up.  She recently built a rocket out of cardboard and was disappointed when it did not launch to the moon once she got in it. Lexie also joined a Little Ninja group at her gymnastics studio through the support of the Nashville Predators Foundation. Another one of her many interests is her new fascination with firefighting: the trucks, the uniform, the ladder, the hydrants, the hoses, all of it.  Her foster parents, the Cantrells, encourage Lexie to explore all the possibilities her future can hold.  They teach her that she can be anything she wants to be.  And Lexie believes that 100%! Opportunities to experience everyday activities like these allow our foster parents to help our young people explore deeper and grow stronger.

Thank you, Nashville Predators Foundation, for your continuous support in offering our foster care youth opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities!