Homes – The Right Place at the Right Time

Our Youth Connections Resource Center is closed due to the pandemic and by appointment only since March. Throughout this time, our staff served youth virtually and in person as needs arrive.  Several weeks ago, one of our staff, Lauren, was at Youth Connections to drop off some clothing donations and heard our front door ring and it was a former student, Jabreia. She was looking for another staff but had not set up an appointment and was just hoping to see her since it had been a while since they had talked. Lauren went down to the front door greet her and when she opened the door she noticed tears in Jabreia’s eyes. When both arrived upstairs in our YC office, Lauren asked her what was going on and offered her some food and some warmer clothes since it was snowing outside. Jabreia told her about some recent tragedies that threw her life off track and that because of these she didn’t know where she was going to sleep that night. She also told Lauren she was staying with friends since October and lost her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jabreia recently found a new job and was set to start the following week but everything else was uncertain. Previously Jabreia had worked with Chaney to get her high school diploma and wanted to pursue nursing or cosmetology but that was on hold since she didn’t have stable housing. Lauren connected with other staff who suggested Jabreia fill out the application for the remaining room in our newest supportive housing home. When Lauren returned form the phone call, she talked to her about the idea and she was totally on board to apply. They packed up a small duffel bag with food and some winter necessities and Lauren drove to a friend’s house so that she could get some sleep before starting her new job the next day. Our Youth Connections and Supportive housing team worked together to get her application in, background checked, and coordinated a move in time. Lauren called her to let her know she was accepted but had to meet with Ms. Chaney to discuss her school plans and figure out how she was going to make it to her third shift job in LaVergne. She handled both of those things and she moved in later that week! We are so glad that Lauren and Jabreia were both in the right place at the right time to make this happen!

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