Former NFL player Michael Oher and subject of the movie “The Blindside,” is no stranger to experiencing at a young age the benefits of good deeds and kindness from others. Michael was determined when young to beat the negative odds of the cards he was dealt and rise above poverty. And, he did just that. Now, he helps young people and families in need by connecting them with people and resources to meet those needs through his new app, the Good Deeds App. Michael’s objective with the app is to help bridge the gap between people who are willing to help and people who need help. Michael challenges those who are interested in supporting the app to “be the answers to someone’s prayers” by making a difference in their community and becoming part of his growing family of givers. The app is available in the Apple and Google Play app stores in the United States and now Canada.

The Good Deeds App also partners with local businesses to offer hope and resource for families in need. Recently, Michael Oher and the Good Deeds app partnered with Eat Well Nashville to provide meals for the young people in our independent living program. Even though our young people are given a food allowance, the meals provided by Michael and Eat Well Nashville affords them the opportunity to focus on things they need beyond food and shelter. They’re able to use those funds for savings or other expenses. Michael stood on the lawn at one of our residences recently and gave our young people advice on how to get through tough times. Michael accomplished his goal of cutting out the middleman when it comes to giving and receiving good deeds. We appreciate what this partnership means for our young adults and cannot wait to see what else is in store.

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