Opportunities – Better Together

In order to reach the more than 9,000 “Opportunity Youth in Nashville, we know we must partner with like-minded organization.  That is the function of our  Opportunity Now Reengagement Hub at Monroe Harding. 413 Strong is a faith-based residential program that provides vocational training and job placement for young men ages 18-30.  It is also  one of our Hub referral partners. The program offers young men a chance to dramatically change their lives and future employment prospects by giving them an opportunity to gain construction skills, life skills, financial literacy training, and physical fitness while living at their campus. They give participants intensive exposure to a faith that works which include daily bible study, weekly church attendance, and many faith-focused guest speakers and mentors. Successful participants are placed in full-time jobs in the commercial construction industry with competitive pay and full benefits. Prior to participants enrolling in the program, they must complete Mental Toughness Week and prospective participants must also learn the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling. Our client, Thomas, successfully completed their Mental Toughness Week.  We are excited for him and wish him much success. 

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