Homes – An Environment to Grow and to Thrive

Many of our young adults were previously in group foster care or other residential programs. One concern that we often hear from these young people is that these places don’t feel like home or look too “institutionalized.” We understand that it’s not enough to provide our young adults with only shelter. It is our goal to provide a safe place for them that not only feels like home, but more importantly feels like THEIR home. One way we do this is by offering our young adults support system to empower them to rebuild and to reengage in relationships of meaningful trust that were previously lost. Therapy and opportunities to build healthy relationships with staff and other young adults at the house also affords them with the chance to foster new relationships built on elements such as accountability and effective communicationWhen the house becomes a home, our young people feel more comfortable and can thrive. Emma and Alli spent their free time this month painting pictures to hang up in the house to make it feel like their own. Alli also created a painting for someone else. Creating an environment where they can be creative and feel at home, allows opportunities for healing too. 


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